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Giving Back

When we first started talking about the core values of our brand and defining what our company was going to stand for, the main idea that became immediately clear was that we wanted to be more than another locally-owned small business; not only as Missoulians, but also as outdoor enthusiasts, stewards of our public lands, loving parents, and proud Montanans.


Our goal is to create a brand that stands for quality first.

We want to bring you amazing products reminiscent of special places and times that you won't find anywhere else.

But from there, we want to use those products as a means of giving back to our community.

We're always open to conversations with people and organizations on ways to further that mission, which is already underway . . .


A collaboration with the Wild Jar Co. benefitting Wild Montana

Wilds of Montana; A Community-Minded Trifecta!

We came out swinging on our first Give Back project!

It started with a TON of research. We wanted to raise money for a cause and an organization that spoke directly to our brand's core values, but it was tough given how many fantastic organizations are out there doing really amazing work!

But as soon as we dug a little deeper into Wild Montana, we knew that we'd found it.


Almost immediately after deciding to focus our efforts on Wild Montana, we knew that we HAD to partner up with fellow Missoula maker and small business owner, the Wild Jar Co - because it just made such perfect sense!
Besides, an opportunity to support another local small business WHILE raising money for an amazing organization?
Does it get any better than that?!?!

Next, the vessel. With sustainability being at the top of the list of our values, and the mission of Wild Montana focusing on the preservation of our beautiful public lands and waterways, it only made sense to upcycle a glass container - especially since glass isn't on the list of acceptable recycle bin contents in these parts!
This was the main topic during our first project meeting with Cailene from Wild Jar Co., and it was Cailene who suggested that Yoplait Oui yogurt jars would be the perfect candidate!
And she was SO RIGHT!!!!

Donate Jars. Contribute. Get Discounts. 

This is simple. The more jars we collect, the more candles we can make, sell, and generate funds with. 

But for that to work, we need to get our hands on these jars!

Here's how it works:

1: Enjoy Yoplait Oui yogurt

2: Rinse out your empty jars

3: Go to one of our drop-off locations and place them in our collection bin

4: Snap a pic of your jars in the collection bin and send it to us via Instagram DM, 

    or email it to:

5: We'll respond with a discount code for 10% off your next purchase!


   - Orange Street Food Farm

   - Montana Candle Co. R&D/Production Facility

   - Home Resource 

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 11.04.06 PM.png

More drop-off locations are needed!
Contact us if you can help!

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